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About Digital Badges

Digital Badges are tools used by educators and other professionals to certify a milestone, skill, or other accomplishment. They are small, unique graphic icons and typically link to an explanation of the skills represented by the badge. Just like the icons you see on food packaging in the grocery store, these badges typically come with a certain amount of authority. Websites exist that regulate access to badges, requiring a sponsor to claim the badge. Other badges (like the one below) may be created by anyone. Thus, digital badges range in authority and credibility.
Digital Badges may eventually replace letter grades on report cards or lines on a resume as they can give more information about a person and link to artifacts that prove the skill. In an online class, I might create a series of badges that my students may earn and use. The authority behind the badge would come from the school district and me as the teacher. If I were to implement these badges, I would ensure that there exists tangible proof that demonstrates that the student deserved the badge.

The digital badge below is the Mr. Rozelle Skills badge. The image links to my skills as a professional and a teacher.

Digital Badge

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