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About Chris Rozelle

small portraitChris is currently finishing up a major in English Secondary Education and a minor in Educational Technology at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. While taking classes in educational technology, literature, linguistics, and pedagogy, Chris enjoys listening to education podcasts and reading pedagogy books. He also spends quite a bit of time volunteering with youth and has a job in the university Writing Center.

Chris loves to take classes, and he is excited to begin teaching. He is especially interested in taking the knowledge and skills he gains from his education to schools that are in need of reliable teachers. Chris focuses on the need for empathy and building rapport with students as a gateway to authentic learning.

In the future, Chris wants to turn his experiences into action through educational reform.

Professional Blog

This blog was originally created for an introductory class on educational technology. Chris puts up a blog post every now and again as he gains new experiences in education. This blog will most likely store the written experiences from student teaching in the future.

INTASC Standards

This web page provides a reflection on each of the ten INTASC standards along with an artifact that demonstrates mastery of the standard.

Writing ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio contains some of the writings Chris has created throughout his educational career. The writing artifacts come with a written reflection that traces the improvements he has made over time.

Writing Center Consultant ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio contains several semesters of artifacts gathered during Chris's experience in the Writing Center. The portfolio is divided into pages for each semester.

Young Adult Literature ePortfolio

This electronic portfolio is the result of a semester studying young adult literature and pedagogy. Each artifact comes with annotations that align the content to standards relevant to the teaching.


This is the future link for Chris's professional resume. It will be password-protected. This resume is intended to be used for future job applications.

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