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Photo Essay

Student Instructions:

  • Open up a new Google Docs page and save it as "Photo Essay Story." Put your name and today's date in the header of the page.
  • Visit each picture below by clicking the icon or the link.
  • Incorporate what you see in each image into a short story. Create your own characters and plot.
  • Your goal is for your reader to visualize what you see in each of the pictures.
  • Be creative! Use figurative language as well as descriptive language for each picture.

image 1 icon
second pic
image three
image four
image five
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5


    • This page includes five photos, which may be given to students as a part of an assignment.
    • The images are of objects in unexpected contexts.
    • Given the nature of the pictures, this photo essay lends itself nicely to a creative writing piece. In addition, they require a broader use of adjectives and adverbs in attempts to create descriptions.
    • The photo essay may be completed individually, in groups, or as a whole class.
    • The product could include a short story, a play/screenplay, an extended narrative, or a poem.
    • The activity can be modified to audio recordings, text, or videos.


    • The pictures were taken with a smartphone equipped with a camera.
    • The pictures were uploaded from the internal memory to Google Drive using the "Share" feature in the native photo app. This step also included renaming each picture.
    • The pictures were then downloaded to a folder, photoessay, on the Desktop from Google Drive. Google Drive was accessed using Chrome.
    • After downloading, the pictures were each opened in Photoshop.
    • Each picture was then exported into the folder as a smaller image (42% of original size) and as an icon (5-6% of original size). This process maintained the original .jpeg format but converted to medium resolution.
    • A new webpage was created inside the folder and saved as index.html.
    • A 5x2 table was created on the index page.
    • Each icon was then inserted into its own cell in the top row. Padding (50px) was added on the left and right of the third image to maintain column width.
    • Each icon was given a text caption in the bottom row, beneath the corresponding image.
    • The borders of the table were hidden except for the lines between each column.
    • Both the captions and the pictures were linked to new pages, corresponding to each of the five pictures.
    • Five new pages were created in the folder, one for each image.
    • One image and a link titled "Return to Photo Essay" were added to each of the new pages. A second link cycles to the next image.
    • After saving all of the pages, they were transferred to the web server using CoreFTP.
    • Finally, all of the links were tested.


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